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Talent Acquisition

A responsive system to support businesses on their people acquisition from ‘Ask’ to ‘OnBoard’ with real time updates and visibility on engagement of all the stakeholders in the acquisition cycle. It supports both hiring and talent acquisition seamlessly.

Accelerate Hiring

From Hiring approvals to having enough applicants for the open positions and moving them across the stages & hiring managers to fill them is of utmost priority and all the stakeholders stay connected and collaborate to improve the pace of hiring!

Improve right hires

Ensure the selection process supports and connects all the relevant information on Attitudes, Skill & Knowledge to achieve higher rates of Right Hires!

Power drive OnBoarding

Creating a positive experience for New Hires, this will be the best message for them to experience your organizational values and customer orientation.

Key Process Include:

  • Requisition
  • Sourcing
  • Selection
  • Offer Process

Core HR

A robust system which enables multiple group companies or multiple business verticals to be managed on one system with flexibility to accommodate each of their specific requirements, down to a branch level and yet have a 360 view of every employee.

Group Companies

Access to Multiple Legal Entities of the group in the single application with consolidation of the common elements across the entities. Collaboration of employees across entities to bring in single group culture.


Ensure fitment of policies of every firm by providing flexibility to the core and also aligning to the Statutory rules.


Certain defined process to ensure the organization's applicable laws and policies are followed.

Key Process Include:

  • Multiple Organization Configuration
  • Organisation Structure
  • Policies & Forms Publishing
  • Resource Management
  • Polling
  • Queries

Workforce Management

Manage New Hires, Transfers, Promotions and Separations seamlessly. Enabling real time updates to reporting managers on attendance, leave and confirmations. Accelerating collaborations across the organisation enhancing the employee engagement at multiple levels.


Real time inputs leads to better data based engagements amongst the team adding to transparency and trust.


Shared updates on Closures, Milestones and Announcements to keep the entire team connect to the Company.


As functional and cross functional teams to ensure effective solutions to internal and customer fulfilments. Get stakeholders to work as a team and be connected and responsive to the emerging customer and market trends.

Key Process Include:

  • Onboarding
  • Employee Personal Information
  • Attendance, Leave & Absence Management
  • Confirmation
  • Promotion and Increments
  • Separations

Compensation and Benefits

Create and manage complexities of compensation, payroll processes including statutory and employee income tax withholding processes.


Well defined systematic, automated and centralised Comp & Benefits solution that helps keep workforce motivated. Relevant workflows and generation of reports with real time data to take informed decisions.


Organisations have many challenges across Roles, Functions and Key People and require flexibility to manage compensation and benefits, our robust platform enable you to manage your needs.


Digitize all the paper trails to the minimum and have all the required information in a single place which can be retrieved efficiently from a single source and accessible on mobile app.

Key Process Include:

  • Payroll and Statutory Setup
  • FBP and CTC Reimbursement
  • Salary Arrears and Bonus
  • IT Declarations and Proofs
  • Payroll Process
  • Full and Final Settlement

Talent management

Drive both Performance and Talent programs simultaneously. Our People Engagement Platform provides the flexibility for reviews based on Roles for Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual reviews. This will help Organisations to align their Performance parameters to meet the dynamic changes in prioritizing the business goals.

Dynamic engagement

In addition to Role level KRA’s, Reporting Managers can add Specific KRA’s to an Individual to focus on specific requirements in a Department / Market. Our Platform also allows Employees to add their own KRA’s which encourages Initiatives in the organisation.

Mid Course Corrections

New Joinees need to be actively engaged and reviewed to ensure they succeed in their new Roles, a system to focus on their progress will ensure that we review and give appropriate feedback to avoid wrong Hires.

Fast Track

Drive a Fast Track plan for your Key Talent and collaborate with them to establish their Goals and Development program in line with the Company’s Objectives.

Key Process Include:

  • KRA Master's
  • Role Based KRA's
  • Multiple Review types


Drive productivity. Connect, engage, and motivate employees to work efficiently regardless of their role or location. Collaborate across Functions and within Teams. Enable legitimate enterprise platform across the organisation with Chatter.

Accelerate innovation

Provide a forum for anyone to share insights or propose new ideas. Connect product teams with direct feedback from customers on programs, products, and campaigns. Create and share polls instantly to gauge new ideas.

Share knowledge

Share knowledge. files, and data. Connect with experts from across your organisation regardless of their role or location. Using Chatter Groups the Owners and Managers can share informations, resources etc via Broadcast option .

Take Action Anywhere

Track your team and critical projects in the mobile feed. Close cases and respond promptly, and find the latest presentations. Act on critical updates wherever you are to make the most of every moment.


Connect and bring any data which adds to the people engagement platform, all we need are open API’s.


A cloud based integration infrastructure that can competently and rapidly deal with combinations of on-premise, cloud, mobile integration or any open APIs.
A relief from manual integration.

Two Ways

Two-way API integration means that there is an API i.e connector programming code that allows information to be sent back and forth between two softwares there by empowering organizations by seamless coordination between several departments, organization, systems, etc

Real Time Data

The Real time streaming data flows helps data redundancy, Human interventions and errors. Reduces operational costs and increases in-house productivity and satisfaction.

Key Process Include:

  • Attendance - Biometric
  • With any Open API's


Single Source of Truth - Management, HR, Managers, Employee.

Reports - Dashboards

Customized dashboards that turn data from multiple sources into information and information into meaningful insights
Real Time viewing and effective decision making made easy through Data Charts
Single page representation to help monitor and measure Performance
Data interpretation made simple for strategic business impacts

Key Process Include:

  • Instant Dashboard creation
  • Real Time Dashboards that be changed instantly into unique combinations
  • Data integration from different sources through open APIs
  • Customised Dashboards